The Add/Drop deadline for Fall Semester I and Term ​1​ courses is Tuesday​, ​September 5th, 2017​, at ​4:30pm​.
You may add or drop courses via "Advising & Registration" on myWWC.

Please note that being on a waiting list is NOT the same as being enrolled in a ​course. To enroll in a​ ​wait​-​listed ​course, put your name on the waiting list on myWWC, and then take an Add ​Form ​with you to the class (forms available at the Registrar's Office in second floor Laursen). If you can be added to​ ​the course, the instructor will sign your Add form. Please return that signed Add form to the​ ​Registrar's Office by the Add/Drop deadline: 4:30 on ​Tuesday.
If you are having any trouble adding or dropping on the new system, please contact us in the Registrar's Office and we can guide you through the process.
Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding the add/drop process.