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Case of chickenpox on campus


A student at Warren Wilson College is suspected of having chickenpox. Chickenpox is highly transmissible from one person to another. Although it is usually a mild illness, it often causes people to miss days at school or work. In some people – especially children younger than 1-year-old, adolescents, adults, those with weakened immune systems, and pregnant persons – chickenpox may cause more serious illness. However, even healthy children and adults can develop serious complications from chickenpox.


Please be aware that you could get chickenpox if you have not been immunized against chickenpox and have not had chickenpox before. It is also possible for people who have been fully immunized against chickenpox or who have had chickenpox previously to get a milder case of the disease if they are exposed to chickenpox again.


If you have symptoms of chickenpox, stay home. If you are a student, please call Warren Wilson’s Health Center: 828-771-2053 for guidance. Calling ahead helps prevent spread of infection to high-risk individuals who may be in the provider’s office. If you have been diagnosed with chickenpox, you must stay home until all sores have crusted over and they feel better.


If you have not had the chickenpox vaccine and have not been ill with chickenpox before, Buncombe County Health & Human Services (BCHHS) strongly encourages you to get immunized as soon as possible. The sooner the vaccine is administered after exposure, the more effective it is at preventing chickenpox or reducing the severity of the illness. The vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective for individuals 1-year-old or older. It also has been shown to be safe for someone to get the vaccine if they have already been sick with chickenpox but have no documentation to prove it. If you need a ride, you can request it from the Transportation Crew here


The Buncombe County Health & Human Services (BCHHS) Immunization Clinic and possibly your healthcare provider can provide you the vaccine. If you have any questions, please contact your  healthcare provider or BCHHS Communicable Disease staff at 828-250-5109 and tell them about this letter. 


The full letter from BCHHS for students is available here.

The full letter from BCHHS for faculty/staff is available here.

These letters include what will happen in the case of an outbreak on campus.



The Emergency Response Team

The Warren Wilson College Health Center


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