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Spring 2021 Registration and Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


Can a student move from in person in the fall to online only in the spring?

Due to the current academic year housing contract signed at the beginning of the academic year, students going online and wanting to move off campus need to complete the change in residential status form and provide an explanation why you want to move off campus as there could be financial implications. If students want to move to on-line only, they should fill out the form Online-Only for Spring 2020-2021. This form is due by November 1st.


What is the deadline for informing this College of intent to be online or in-person in the spring?

November 1, 2020 is the deadline for completing the Online-Only for Spring 2020-2021 form. Student tuition, room and board bills will be released mid-November. Payment is due December 15, 2020.


Can a student go from online only in the fall to in person in the spring? Will this impact their financial aid? How does housing get worked out?

Yes, if a student chooses to move back on campus they will then become eligible for a work contract and their financial aid will need to be revised. Financial Aid will need to be notified by the appropriate offices (housing and registrar) of the change. Students moving on to campus for the Spring will need to campus need to complete the change in residential status form and sign the housing contract.


What does a student need to do to stay on-line only for the spring semester?

Students should fill out the Online-Only for Spring 2020-2021 form, which is due by November 1st.


Where is the list of courses and their modalities?

Currently, this list can be found HERE and by selecting “Format of Instruction.”


What happens in terms of the work program if a student is on-line in the spring semester?

The process would be the same as in the fall. If a student is not on campus the default is that they are not in the work program. However, if the student wants to continue to work and the supervisor feels they can provide an essential function to the crew remotely, exceptions can be made. Students need to contact the work program if they want to apply for that exception.


What if a student wants to be online only but is required to take a course in the spring that is designated as in-person only?

In-person only designated classes are not possible to take online due to the teaching and learning requirements associated with the course. Students with concerns about fulfilling specific degree requirements should speak directly with their major advisor to work through the possible options.


If the College closes because of a state or federal mandate and moves to fully online mid-semester, will there be a pro-rated refund of tuition, fees and room and board?

The College intends to remain open and provide education and support for students until May 3, 2021 when the semester ends. There will be no pro-rated refund of tuition or room and board. If a student chooses to withdraw during the semester, our regular withdrawal policy would apply.


If I withdraw after the semester begins, will I receive a refund for tuition, room and board?

Students are obligated to pay WWC for the full cost of tuition for the academic year under all circumstances unless a student withdraws from WWC in accordance with WWC’s policies regarding Institutional Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal, and Administrative Withdrawal, which may be found in Sections 4 and 9 of the Student Handbook 2020-2021. In the event a Student withdraws, any tuition refund will be provided in accordance with the existing Refund Policy shown below, which will be in effect for each semester.

  • 100% refund if withdrawal is before the first day of classes
  • After first day of classes but before the end of week seven, tuition, room and board* charges will be refunded as follows:
    • 90% refund if withdrawal is before the end of the first week of classes
    • 80% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 2
    • 70% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 3
    • 60% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 4
    • 50% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 5
    • 40% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 6
    • 30% refund if withdrawal is before the end of week 7
    • No refund if withdrawal is after the end of week 7

*The withdrawal date for refund purposes is the date the student is officially checked out of student housing or the last day of attendance, whichever is later.


If I opt to take courses entirely online, will there be a discount to tuition/ fees?

No. All college academic and support resources will be available to students who have chosen to not return physically to campus and take courses entirely online.


For spring 2021, will I be allowed to keep my NC FreeTuition Scholarship or my Milepost One Scholarship if I am an online student and living off campus?

If your financial aid is based on residential full time status, when you choose to be enrolled part-time or live off-campus, your financial aid will be reduced. If you have the NC Free Tuition Scholarship or a Milepost One Scholarship, we are making an exception on the residency requirement for this year only (fall 2020 and spring 2021), you will be able to maintain it even if you are choosing the non-residential online-only option. However, since you will not be participating in the Work Program, you will need to pay the portion of tuition that was originally covered by the work award, which could be $1,088 (for the semester) for a 10 hour contract or $1,631 (for the semester) for a 15 hour contract.

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