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CUBA: Appalachia to Cuba - Intercultural Approaches to Social Welfare & Education (January 2017)

4 credits

SWK337: Social Work

Course Instructors: Lucy Lawrence and Anna Welton

Through the distinct and interconnected lenses of social welfare and education, Warren Wilson students will come together to compare and contrast myriad and interdependent social, environmental, political, economic, and cultural issues in Appalachia and Cuba, from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The course aims to provide students with an intercultural understanding of poverty and approaches to addressing poverty through social welfare and education. The course will trace the historical beginnings and necessities of the development of the social welfare systems and innovative education systems in the contexts of Cuba and Appalachia. This course examines the ways in which both the U. S. (Appalachian region specifically) and Cuba develop policies, programs, and practices that create a safety net to address current societal issues. Focus points of the course include intercultural comparisons of social welfare service delivery and educational structures and practices that advance community self-sufficiency while promoting active citizen participation. Additionally, this course provides students the opportunity for intercultural exchange and engagement through rigorous academic endeavor and field study in Cuba.

GPA Requirement: 2.5 minimum

Program Fee: $2300.00

Application Fee: $75.00

Estimated Spend$/wk: $50.00

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