Degree-seeking students who are currently enrolled full-time at Warren Wilson College may enroll for credit in courses offered at Mars Hill University and the University of North Carolina at Asheville through the Asheville Area Educational Consortium. Credit hours and grades are awarded by Warren Wilson College; are factored into the WWC number of credits attempted and earned, as well as the semester and cumulative GPA; and appear on the Warren Wilson transcript. Warren Wilson College tuition and fees will be applied.

Warren Wilson College Student Participation Guidelines

  1. Student must be a full-time, degree-seeking student at Warren Wilson College.

  2. Student must have completed at least one semester at Warren Wilson College.  

  3. Student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. 

  4. Student must be enrolled for at least half of their semester’s coursework at Warren Wilson College.

  5. Student may not normally cross-register for courses currently available at Warren Wilson College. 

  6. Student may cross-register for fall or spring courses but not courses offered during summer terms. 

To Apply for Cross-Registration through the Asheville Area Educational Consortium

  1. Discuss Consortium requirements and your degree plan with either your Integrated Advising Coach or Major Advisor.

  2. Complete the Cross-Registration Application

  3. Have your Integrated Advising Coach or Major Advisor approve and sign the form. 

  4. Submit the signed Cross-Registration Application to the Registrar’s Office.

If the application is approved, Warren Wilson College’s Registrar’s Office will:

  • request the necessary permission for a student to take a course at another AAEC institution.

  • inform students when the Cross-Registration Application has been submitted to the host institution. The host institution will reach out to the student to provide information on how to enroll for the course.

At the conclusion of the cross-registered course(s), the WWC Registrar’s Office will:

  • receive, from the host institution, the grades earned by the participating student and apply them to the students record.

Student Responsibilities

  • Fees are not charged by the host institution for cross-registration courses unless there are special course charges, such as for laboratory fees, course materials, etc. In such cases, participating students must pay the same fees that are charged to the students enrolled at the host institution. 

  • Course registration and related activities at the host institution shall be the responsibility of the student after receiving communication and instruction from the host institution.

  • Students may not take independent study courses under this agreement. 

  • Students may not participate in courses which are designed to be self-supporting.

  • Spaces in courses are made available to students who wish to cross-register only after all students at the host campus have registered. Permission of the instructor does not guarantee registration for a course. 

  • Students may not exceed four courses or fifteen credit hours total at the host institutions.

  • Students are not guaranteed to get into a course at a host institution. Students at a host institution will not be displaced by students participating in the Cross-Registration Program.

  • Students may not register for courses inappropriate to the degrees they seek or to their class status.

  • Students will have access to educational resources and support at the host institution. These include research and library resources required for the courses for which the consortium students are registered. 

  • Students are governed by the appropriate rules and regulations of the host institution while in attendance there. Should a question of jurisdiction arise in connection with this policy, it will be answered jointly by the Coordinating Officers of the host and home institutions.