Transcript & Verification Requests
For Students
  • Change of Catalog Year Request - this form is to be completed when requesting changes to a catalog year.
  • Class Add - to be used when requesting to be added to a restricted course. Restricted courses include courses with prerequisites for which there is an application process and/or permission of the instructor is required.
  • Class Withdrawal - use only after Add/Drop period deadline and before Class Withdrawal/Pass deadline.
  • Cross-Registration Application - students who request to take a course at either UNCA or Mars Hill may take one course per fall and/or spring semester. Students are not permitted to take a summer course in accordance to the consortium agreement. 
  • Diploma Reorder - the reordering of diploma's occurs once during Fall and once during Spring semester. A $25 fee must be received in the Registrar's Office before a diploma can be reordered.
  • Graduation Application - Students who intend to graduate in May 2023 must submit this application. The deadline to submit the application is Tuesday, 12/6/2022.
  • Graduation Date Change - this form is to be used if a graduation date changes after the Graduation Application has been submitted or the student has met with an advisor and is changing graduation date based on review of degree audit.
  • Independent Study Proposal - the deadline to submit an Independent Study Proposal for fall 2023 semester is Friday, April 7. Students must consult with an Independent Study instructor when completing and submitting this form. We are not accepting Independent Study Proposals for spring 2023 semester.
  • Major/Concentration Declaration or Major/Concentration/Advisor Change - this form is to be completed for all new major/concentration declarations or when making changes to an existing major, concentration, or advisor.
  • Minor Declaration or Minor Change - to be used for the purpose of declaring a minor, making a change to minor, or removing a minor.
  • Official Exit - use only if leaving at the end of a semester.
  • Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution - to be completed by the student and approved by the Registrar's Office and a major advisor if the student has already declared a major.
  • Petition to Walk at Commencement - This form is available during spring semester for May graduation petitions. It is due by April 1.
  • Petition for Exception - to be completed by a student who is seeking an exception to an existing policy or deadline or adjustment to course credit for variable credit course.
  • Transfer Credit /Degree Audit Review - to be completed by a student or advisor when requesting a review of transfer credits or degree audit. This may include transfer credits that weren’t accepted or review of transfer or course credits to satisfy General Education or major/minor requirement(s).
For Faculty and Advisors Only