We're excited you are here to start your journey into career exploration & readiness. We have many pages of resources available to students and alumni and below is a brief overview of what is available.

Career Exploration

Exploring different careers can feel daunting. This video will explain more on that concept and how at Warren Wilson we do not believe that selecting a major locks you into a specific set of careers.  However, there are some connections between majors and commonly sought after careers.  Below is a great way to get started! In addition, we encourage you to make an appointment with a CIAC Peer Mentor or staff member.


Jump to our Internship Program page to find out more!

Career Preparation

Once you have a general idea of the kind of pathway you want to pursue, it's time to make sure you are prepared for application success! This includes developing a targeted resume & cover letter, practicing your interviewing skills, and/or understating how to apply for graduate school. Below are a few quick links to get you going.

Career Searching & Networking

Knowing where and how to look for opportunities in your field can feel very overwhelming at first. Our pages offer a variety of resources that include everything from networking with alumni in your field, to utilizing various online search engines.