Education - US Education Placement Agencies

Professional Associations

Carney, Sandoe and Associates
Exceptional recruitment, search and consulting services for independent schools.

Educators Ally, Inc.
A highly personalized placement agency for educators and independent schools in the New York metropolitan area.

Independent School Placement
Recruits teachers and administrators for very rigorous college preparatory independent schools in New York City, its suburbs, and New Jersey

Independent Schools Association of the Central States
Committed to providing thoughtful, succinct interpretations of issues facing independent schools.

Teachers On Reserve, Inc.
Serving Schools of any size in the San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County and San Diego areas

The Education Group
Providing candidates and schools with the highest level of personalized service possible.

Independent Organizations

West Educators Placement
Helps qualified K-12 educators find positions as elementary, middle, and high school TEACHERS, ADMINISTRATORS, and SENIOR LEADERS in independent, private, and charter schools throughout California and other western states.

Independent Thinking
A firm comprised of former independent school administrators and teachers, has been successfully partnering with schools since 2000 in the areas of administrator searches and program assessment.

Manhattan Placements
Successful recruiting firm for independent schools in the New York City and New Jersey area.

Southern Teachers Agency
STA provides a free service to candidates seeking jobs in private/independent schools in the South