• Consider your timing, academic & personal goals, location, & transportation needs
  • Read about the Internships Types & Functions
  • Schedule a meeting with your IAC or Hannah to talk about your needs and goals.
  • Bonus: Watch this video created by the National Society of Leadership & Success 

3.) SEARCH: These are some great sites to get you going!  Ideally, you should be searching internships about 6 months in advance of starting.


  • Work on your resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, and/or set up an appointment with the CIAC to review any one of these. The Career Clothes Closet is also available for all of your professional dress needs!

5.) APPLY & ACCEPT/REJECT YOUR OFFER - Once you've made a decision:

  • Inform Hannah of your decision so she can connect with the partnering agency
  • Understand our Covid-19 protocols for on-site internships during the academic year


Money & Housing

SCHOLARSHIPS - These are external scholarship opportunities that may pertain to your field. 

SUMMER STIPENDSSummer stipends are prioritized for students accepting low or unpaid internships in the non-profit, governmental sector, or persuing positions connected to green entrepreneurship. Applications are due March 1st and April 1st.  

SUMMER HOUSING - Summer housing is available and free of charge to students engaging in full-time work (40 hours per week) with the college. This includes participating in a college-sponsored (stipended) internship, work on campus, or a combination of the two reaching 40 total hours. In order to be eligible for housing, the internship student must be awarded a summer internship stipend AND contact the Director of Career Engagement with their plans as soon as possible.  Students taking advantage of summer housing will be responsible for completing all paperwork requirements of the internship and stipend program and will be responsible for the cost of meals as applicable. Housing is limited and not guaranteed. It is suggested that you connect with the Director of Career Engagement as soon as possible.