There are various ways you can complete an internship. Additionally, a single internship may fulfill multiple requirements. Click HERE to learn more about each of these categories, courses, and experiences. Below is a brief description of each: 

  • For-Credit Internships - Students can gain anywhere from 2-18 hours of interdisciplinary credit hours within up to two semesters. 
  • Internships as Work - Further explore your field of interests by substituting work hours for an unpaid internship off-campus. *For day students, off campus internships can only be counted towards the work graduation requirement, not work award*
  • Internships for PEG3 Credit - An internship can serve as a means for which to complete the PEG 3 requirement.
  • Micro-Internships - These short-term(10-40hrs), paid professional experiences cannot be counted towards academic credit, but are a great way to improve (and prove!) your skillset with real companies and projects. Parker Dewey is a great resource for these.
  • Internships Away/Abroad - Combine your internship with your study away/abroad experience! Global Engagement Office's Internships page


For any questions, please reach out to Hannah Richardson, Director of Career Engagement, in the Center for Integrated Advising & Careers (CIAC): [email protected]


1.) What if the organization doesn't have a internship position already created?

  • Not a problem! As long as the organization is excited and able to hosting an intern, we will work with them to create a position. This takes more work on the front end so begin these conversations early!

2.) Can my part-time summer job be considered an internship?

  • In most cases, yes, as long as your supervisor is on board. They would need to be willing to spend extra time and work with you to reach those throughout your experience.

3.) Can I split my WPO hours between my work crew and internship?

  • Nope. You need to choose one or the other for the duration of the semester. 

4.) Is it a requirement that I fill out the internship paperwork before my internship begins? 

  • Yes! This ensures that you and your supervisor are on the same page about the experience. In addition, this is mandatory if you are seeking academic or work credit. 

5.) I did an internship LAST summer, but didn't tell anyone. Can it count toward my major? 

  • No, internships CANNOT be counted/given credit retroactively. See Hannah for further questions about this.