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The North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship is available to North Carolina residents only.  Renewal is based on funding from the state of NC and meeting the financial need requirements set forth by the state of North Carolina.  Students must have a valid certification from the NC Residency Determination Service/RDS.  If a valid RDS is not received within the first 30 days of enrollment, students will lose eligibility for this funding.  Please make sure you finalize RDS early. It is suggested to complete RDS and the time you complete the FAFSA.  Renewal eligibility is based on continuous enrollment at WWC along with your need eligibility determined by completing an annual FAFSA.   

For more information on the NC Need-Based Scholarship please visit CFNC.    

NC Need-Based Scholarship is based on a student's enrollment. It is highly encouraged for the student to enroll in 15 credit hours during a semester to show pace towards degree completion. Questions about eligibility at WWC can be directed to [email protected]

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