Who is Transportation Crew?

Dodge/Transportation crew is made up of students who all must possess a valid U.S. driver’s license and receive their campus license through the Motor pool office following their completion of an approved Defensive Driver Training course in order to provide transportation to the rest of campus. The Dodge* student crew provides shuttles that occur weekly to nearby grocery stores and areas of interest. The transportation schedule is adjusted each semester according to the crew’s schedule and the needs of the students requesting transportation.

This crew also assists the Student Life team located in Dodge House* by providing assistance for those who visit those offices. 


*Please note that all staff located in Dodge House have been temporarily relocated to the bottom level of Sunderland Hall.


Store Shuttles

Transportation is provided each week to nearby grocery stores. This schedule is adjusted each semester to meet the needs of the students who are utilizing these trips. When taking trips off campus, the driver will have the transportation cell phone with them at all times. Students are to contact the driver if any issues arise while being off campus. Failure to return to the meeting point at the time given by the driver may result in finding an alternative mode of transportation to get back to campus. Students are encouraged to contact the driver if they know they will be late. If the driver is waiting for longer than 15 minutes without any communication, they will leave the meeting point.

Each trip will depart from Sunderland lot. Below is the schedule for the Fall 2023 Semester:
Mondays - Hopey’s and Trader Joe’s
Tuesdays - Walmart and Target
Wednesdays - Ingles
Fridays - Goodwill

Medical Appointments

We are also able to provide transportation to medical appointments within the Asheville/Black Mountain area. If you need transportation to a medical appointment, please complete the

transportation request form    at least 5 days prior to your appointment. Any request received last minute may result in denial of transportation. Requests that are needed within 24 hours of submitting the form will automatically be declined.

We encourage students to also reach out to the Health Center as both crews are able to assist students in getting to medical appointments.

Completing the request form is not a guarantee that rides will be provided, however, transportation crew will do their best to accommodate your needs. Once the form is completed, a crew member will contact you about your request.

Our crew meets on Thursdays to assign transportation requests to our crew members. Once we determine if we can provide transportation, we will reach out with a follow-up email.