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About Academic Support

Our Mission: We provide services that assist students so that they can become more effective, engaged and intentional learners. Our services are designed to provide support for students at all stages of their college careers.

Our Philosophy: We believe in helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners by providing a supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth.

Our Practice: Within a supportive environment, students work collaboratively and one-on-one with support staff to achieve academic success by:

  • gaining an understanding of their learning behaviors;
  • mastering learning strategies that can be applied to general knowledge acquisition or specific course work;
  • connecting students with campus resources to assist them throughout their learning experiences at Warren Wilson College.
Center Information

Location: 3rd Floor Morse Science Hall

Email: For questions about educational access,

For all other questions,

Staff Members

Lyn O'Hare - Director
Phone: 828-771-3012
Office: M306
Academic Counselor, Adviser, and Instructor
Supervisor: Peer Group Leaders and Tutors

Deborah Braden - Assistant Director: Educational Access
Phone: 828-771-3791
Office: M302
Academic Counselor, Advisor, and Instructor