Welcome to the website of the Warren Wilson College Institutional Review Board (IRB)!

The IRB exists to protect people who participate in research conducted at Warren Wilson College or by a member of the College community. Research that involves interviewing people, distributing surveys, conducting experiments on people, or even observing particular people in their daily lives is normally what we call research with human participants, and all such research requires some level of approval from the IRB.

If you are a participant in a Warren Wilson College research project, please see the For Research Participants page, which provides some information about your rights and gives you contact information in case you have any complaints or concerns about your treatment.

If you are a researcher, please browse through the For Researchers section of the website. The links will help you determine whether your project qualifies as “research” with human participants and requires IRB action, and allow you to download the appropriate application form.

Members of the IRB, please see the For IRB Members  page.

If you have questions, please send them to [email protected]