Passports and Visas

Passports must be valid for at least six months or longer from the date that you enter your host country, and should not expire during the time that you will be abroad. In Asheville, the U.S. Passport office is located in the post office at 33 Coxe Avenue, near the main bus terminal downtown. You will need $75 for the application fee, $25 for the execution fee, an original birth certificate, another official photo identification (such as a driver's license), and two passport photos. The passport office may be able to make passport photos for an additional charge. Please check with that office. Otherwise, you may obtain passport photos at several other locations such as Rite-Aid, K-Mart, or AAA. You can also find passport applications on the US. Department of State's website. It is your responsibility to have a valid passport in hand at least eight weeks prior to study abroad travel. The Global Engagement Office will need to make a photocopy of all passports for our records.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen enrolled in a study abroad course, remember to check as soon as possible on any additional requirements that you may need to meet to travel with your group. Information on entry requirements for citizens of different nationalities can typically be found on the website of a nation's embassy under "visa requirements" or the "consular" section. Also, please make sure that you will be able to re-enter the United States following your study abroad experience. We can provide some assistance to students in the process of obtaining visas for short-term study abroad course travel, but it is ultimately each traveler's responsibility to make sure that his or her travel documents are in order.

The Global Engagement Office will assist students enrolled in short-term study abroad courses in getting group visas if those are necessary. However, WWC international students participating in study abroad programs must determine their own specific visa requirements for the host country that they intend to visit and take the necessary steps to procure a visa, if needed.

*Warren Wilson students and faculty may be eligible for discounted service from Visa Central visa service.  Click here to look up visa requirements or place an order.