Welcome to the Warren Wilson College Writing Studio!

The Writing Studio offers individually tailored tutoring sessions for members of the Warren Wilson community. We will collaboratively review any piece of writing, for any field of study, and at any stage of the writing process. Most writing sessions take place with collaborative peer tutors who are undergraduate students employed through the college's Work Program.

We have limited availability in the summer, and will reopen full-time August 23.

Summer 2021 Availability

  • May: The Writing Studio Director, Dr. Julie Wilson, will be available to discuss or review pieces of writing. You may schedule a session with Julie through email at [email protected].
  • June and July: The Writing Studio will be closed.
  • August 2-20: The Writing Studio Director, Dr. Julie Wilson, will be available to discuss or review pieces of writing . You may schedule a session with Julie through email at [email protected].
  • August 23: Peer writing assistance will resume when the fall semester begins.

Mission Statement

To us, every writer is unique and different. Every writer who comes to our studio comes with a part of themselves in written form and we make efforts to diversify our crew to suit these needs. Our mission in the Warren Wilson College Writing Studio is to empower students through the process of writing. We are peer tutors trained and equipped to provide a direct and helpful service to serve our students and our community. From different backgrounds and majors, we offer a space for all students to feel supported and comfortable. We also strive to be inclusive to all people with differing kinds of writing abilities and interests.

We influence, not only how people write, but how they interact with sources and reading materials from lab reports to personal essays. We offer services that will benefit the student throughout their college experiences. Our goal is to assist students through any part of their writing process with trust, confidence, respect, and most importantly creativity.

Anti-Racism Commitments

In the summer of 2020, the Black Student Union (BSU) at Warren Wilson College issued a statement of demands to the college. These demands called us as an academic department and as a work crew to thoroughly review and revise our practices to be more equitable and center the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who staff our Studio and use our programs. As a collaborative staff, we approach this work through an unfolding process where we are continually listening and adjusting our plans in response to community input and scholarship. 

During the 2020-21 academic year, we are working with seven goals in response to the BSU demands. We will submit these goals to the campus's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee in December 2020, and revise them based on their feedback. Our process is also subject to change as we collaborate with other community members. Our mission would be contradictory to our anti-racist ideology if we didn’t acknowledge the lived experiences and hardships of BIPOC writers in predominantly white academic spaces. To empower all writers at our institution, we first need to actively respond to the critiques of our BIPOC writers on campus. Therefore, we commit to the following steps: 

1. Increase representation of authors of color in texts used in tutor development activities.

  • BSU demand addressed: Equity requirements embedded in every academic department.

2. Critically examine the influence of whiteness and white supremacy within college writing practices and expectations, and develop methods of supporting writers to recognize and resist white supremacy in writing, through conscious decision-making around language, rhetoric, and representation.

  • BSU demand addressed: Equity requirements embedded in every academic department.

3. Enhance our ability to facilitate and participate in conversations where race is a topic in order to make our working environment safer and more responsive for students of color. 

  • BSU demand: Enhancement of work crew cultural competency.

4. Develop and implement a curriculum for the editors of the Peal literary and arts journal that incorporates voices of BIPOC artists and scholars, and strives to create a racially equitable submissions and evaluation process.

  • BSU demand: Enhancement of work crew cultural competency; Equity requirements embedded in every academic department.

5. Develop resources on anti-racism and writing for the wider campus. 

  • BSU demand: Equity requirements embedded in every academic department; Retention and enrollment of black students.

6. Review and revise our hiring practices to be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

  • BSU demands: Enhancement of work crew cultural competency; Retention and enrollment of Black students.

7. Review and revise our financial practices and goals to ensure monetary support to BIPOC students and anti-racism efforts. 

  • BSU demands: Community care for racial student organizations; more required BSU funding.


How to Schedule Your Online Session

Watch this video for a quick overview of the Online Writing Studio.

To schedule your session, go to our online appointment system: If it's your first visit, you must first register for an account. When you are scheduling an appointment, you will see these two options:

1) With Online Meetings, we meet online. You may share a draft with us or ask for help getting started. At the scheduled time, log into the system and click on the appointment you created. Then, click "Start or Join Online Conversation." You will see video, audio, and texting options, as well as a space for drafting. 

2) With Written Feedback sessions, we do not meet. Rather you upload your draft or send a google doc link, and that day or by the next work day, we will send you comments on the draft. Please also include your assignment prompt and any special requests for feedback (e.g., help with organization, grammar, thesis, etc.).

3) Telephone: Although not listed as an option, we can also have the session by phone. Just select "Online Meeting," and when asked what you hope to accomplish in the session, mention you want a telephone session.

If you cannot find a time that works for you or if you have any trouble with the scheduling system described below, just email Julie Wilson at [email protected], or call or text me at 828-771-5899. 


Spring 2021 Hours

In-Person Hours for Drop-In Questions
Writing Studio, Library Lower Level
Tuesday 2-5 pm
Wednesday 10 am-1 pm
Online Tutoring Hours*
Sunday 6-8 pm
Monday Noon-8 pm
Tuesday Noon-8 pm
Wednesday Noon-8 pm
Thursday 10 am-6 pm
Friday Noon-5 pm
* There are a few gaps for meal breaks; see schedule for complete information.



Writing Studio

Lower Level, Pew Learning Center & Ellison Library
WWC CPO 6114
P.O. Box 9000
Asheville, NC 28815-9000
828-771-3007 (ph)

Julie Wilson, Director
Email Julie: [email protected]
828-771-5899 (ph)