Our Mission

Community Engagement at Warren Wilson College is committed to fostering meaningful, ethical, and participatory collaboration between students and community partners. Through mutually beneficial relationships, students will enhance their critical consciousness and vocational discernment while community partners will gain labor and resources to further their missions. This exchange is guided by our commitment to inclusive excellence and will remain rooted in the following values:

  • Reciprocity: Our programming is guided by mutual benefit, and is asset-based and participatory in nature.
  • Accessibility: We strive to give all students, partners, and beneficiaries equitable access to opportunities and services.
  • Critical Consciousness: All community engagement experiences will be framed with preparation and reflection that utilizes social justice pedagogy to support enhanced critical awareness of self and community.


Thursday, November 30

  • Deadline to notify Community Engagement Office of your PEG 3 plans
Thursday, April 11
  • Deadline to submit final PEG 3 Impact & Reflection or request an extension
  • Schedule mandatory advising meeting with Community Engagement if PEGs are not complete

Completing your PEGs

Everything you need to know about completing your PEGs. For further information about the Community Engagement Commitment, please click here. 

(.pdf, 169K)

Work through this checklist to begin brainstorming and planning for your PEGs!

(.pdf, 53K)

Not sure if your idea will fulfill PEG 3? Check out the PEG 3 fulfillment criteria here! 

(.pdf, 179K)

Community Engagement Commitment in the New Curriculum/Catalog 2024-25 and beyond
Guidelines for all new students and continuing students who are debating their current catalog vs. the new catalog

Community Engagement Commitment Booklet
View ALL of the PEG requirements in one place.

Get started on your PEGs
This is a tool to help you plan for PEGs 2 & 3. 

Submit a PEG 3 Proposal Form
Have a plan for your PEG 3? Make sure it meets all the PEG 3 criteria by submitting a PEG 3 proposal form. 
DO NOT submit this form if you have already completed your PEG 3 - submit an Impact Form instead.

View answers to FAQs and step by step GivePulse tutorials.  

Finding Community Engagement Opportunities

Search for opportunities led by our Bonner Leaders Crew, as well as other independent opportunities for PEGs 2 and 3.
**Always use your WWC email and password to log into GivePulse!** 

HandsOn Asheville
Great resource for independent community engagement opportunities in the Asheville area. 

Try a Google search!
If you know the issues you care about or the type of work you like doing, try search terms such as "homelessness, Asheville, volunteer" or "animals, Asheville, volunteer." Most organizations have a page on their website about how you can get involved. 

Stop by the Log Cabin to chat with Bonners and/or Community Engagement staff. We'd love to help you find an opportunity that you love!
Click here to schedule a Community Engagement Advising Appointment. 


We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to complete PEG 2 by the end of your sophomore year.

Independent PEG 2

If you are doing an independent PEG 2 project, you must record your hours and experience as an Impact on GivePulse for it be considered complete.

Designated PEG 2 Courses and Bonner-Led Opportunities

  • You are not required to enter an impact - your instructor or trip leader will report those hours for you! 
  • You are not required to attend a Log Cabin Reflection Session, but you are welcome to do so!


We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to complete PEG 3 by the end of your junior year. 
*Students who plan to complete PEG 3 through their Senior Capstone Project should submit a PEG 3 proposal by the end of their junior year. 

PEG 3 Proposal Form
You must submit a PEG 3 proposal prior to completing your PEG 3 work to guarantee approval. 

GivePulse Impact
Your PEG 3 is not considered complete until you have submitted an Impact, completed the PEG 3 Reflection questions, and have your hours verified by your PEG 3 supervisor. 


Fall 2024 Community Engaged Courses

Interested in an Inside Out course? Check out more details here! 

Log into GivePulse using your WWC email and password!
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Welcome new students!
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Use GivePulse to:

  • Record and reflect on your community engagement experiences (this is called entering an "Impact").
  • Find and sign up for new community engagement opportunities.
  • Submit proposals for PEG 3 projects.

Need Help?

  • Watch a GivePulse Tutorial (coming soon!).
  • Contact Community Engagement ([email protected])