Payment Agreement

The "Payment Agreement" explains billing and payment policies at Warren Wilson College.  This information is provided in order to help you estimate your charges for the academic year.

2021-2022 Payment Agreement

2020-2021 Payment Agreement


View your Financial Aid on Net Partner:

Please visit your on-line Net Partner account at  to view what documents and/or actions are required to finalize your financial aid.  Here you can accept or decline each of your awards.  A change for this year is that you must accept and/or decline each and every award listed. 

If you are not yet deposited or registered for Fall and have not been charged tuition and fees, you may use the 19-20 payment agreement above to estimate your charges and subtract your financial aid awards to determine the amount you will need to pay for Fall.

The withdrawal and refund policy is also listed on the Payment Agreement.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawing students should begin the process with a meeting with their CIAC Counselor.