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Capstone Carnival

The Academic Capstone Carnival was created to give attention and support to our academic program (as Work Day does for the work program) and the work of our seniors. Departments agreed to coordinate in a conference-like atmosphere, and students began to look forward to their presentations as a rite of passage. 
This year we have capstone sessions from the following departments and programs:
Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy
Applied Learning (Internships)
Global Studies
Natural Sciences 
Creative Writing
Social Work
Integrative Studies
In addition, there are three poster sessions: Applied Learning (on Internships), the Archaeology Crew, and Mapping Change in Buncombe County (from the Advanced GIS course). The Speeches and Speechwriting class has a session with their speeches. And Professor Alisa Hove will deliver the annual Magnarella Lecture, given by the winner of the Magnarella Family award the previous year. Finally, don't miss the Auspex (the journal of WWC undergrad research) release party.
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