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You are here:  Trouble logging in?  

Warren Wilson uses a single username and password pair for many online campus resources, including myWWC, Online Course Management (Moodle), and campus WiFi.

Note that some resources require a separate username and password that is managed elsewhere.  These include NetPartner (Financial Aid) and GivePulse (Service Learning Office).  


Getting Help with Login Problems

New Students

You must setup your Password Reset Portal account and reset your temporary password before you can login to myWWC.  If you deposited by the May 1 deposit deadline, then you should have received a temporary username and password on page 4 of The WWC Guide to Advising, Registration & Academic Support.  Please use that username and password and follow the instructions below to setup your account and reset your password.

If you do not have your temporary password (or if you deposited later in the Summer), then please contact our ITS Helpdesk.  They will assist you in getting your account created.  ITS Helpdesk: 828-771-3094 /

Returning Students

Please search for the words "Please Read" in your WWC Gmail account. You're looking for an email sent to you on or around June 16 with subject "PLEASE READ: New unified WWC Account System for Moodle, Gmail, and coming MyWWC." It contains your temporary password for the Password Reset Portal. Read that message and follow the instructions. This step must be completed before you can log in to myWWC. You cannot log in to myWWC until you have set up your profile on our password reset portal. Please complete this step prior to contacting the ITS Help Desk.

If you cannot locate the above reference email or if after resetting your password you are still experiencing issues, please contact the ITS Helpdesk: 828-771-3094 /

Faculty & Staff

If you have not seen Password Reset Portal before, your profile there may not be complete, and you will require direct IT office assistance.  The “Forgot Password” button on the portal will not function properly if you have not yet set up your password reset portal profile.

If you use the below form, you are telling us you want us to reset your password and give you a new temporary password, which will be emailed to your alternative email address along with instructions. This will lock you out of your Google account until you complete the password reset process. If you find yourself suddenly locked out of your Warren Wilson email in that case, check your alternative email address for those instructions. If this process is a problem, you’ll need to come by Bannerman or call us at 828-771-3094.

To request a password reset and temporarily lock yourself out of your Google account until you complete the reset process, please make sure you are logged in to Google mail, and then please fill out the form here (which will require that you log in to Google with your Warren Wilson account). If you get a window with a request permission box, you’re logged in to email with a non-Wilson account. We will need to set up a temporary password for you and email it to you at a different email address, and call you to let you know we’ve done that.

If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to the Warren Wilson ITS Helpdesk at 828-771-3094. If you should contact us via email (to please provide a way that we can call you back.


Using the Password Reset Portal

Employees using work computers running Windows on the network domain (on campus) should change their password within Windows instead of using the Password Reset Portal.

Your username and password are managed on a self-service website that provides security questions and the ability to reset a password.  New users will need to setup their account and security questions.  Existing users can login and reset a password as needed.  Below are instructions for both.


Creating a new account in the Password Reset Portal

Please use these instructions to create a new account in our Password Reset Portal.


Resetting your student password in the Password Reset Portal
  • You will need an existing Password Reset Portal account with security questions setup to use this service.
  • If you've forgotten your password, click the "Forgot My Password" button.  If you do not have an account on the Password Reset Portal, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 828-771-3094 or
  • If you know your current password, login to the Password Reset Portal by clicking "My Account" and entering your network username and password.
  • Use this instruction sheet, starting on page 2, and begin the steps listed under "Resetting Your Password."