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Confirmed Case of COVID-19 - Residential Student

The college has been notified that a residential student has tested positive for COVID-19. This student contacted the Health Center Thursday evening and after an initial assessment, was given a PCR test by our partners at Range Urgent Care. The student left campus after the test was administered and has been in quarantine off-campus. In the evening on Sunday, January 24 we were notified that the PCR test is positive and that the student will continue to isolate off-campus.

Since the student was on campus while they were experiencing symptoms, the COVID task force is working with the student as part of our contact tracing protocol to identify known direct contacts - others that have been within 6 feet (masked or not masked) for 15 minutes or longer within the recommended time frame when the student may have been infectious. As of Sunday evening, January 24, all of those known direct contacts have been notified and are in quarantine and will be tested.

In accordance with privacy requirements and College policy, we will not release any additional identifying information about this person or those in quarantine. Students' professors have been notified.

You are encouraged to remain vigilant in protecting your health and the health of others— be vigilant about wearing your mask, remaining at least 6 feet apart, and washing your hands. 
Students who are not feeling well and have COVID-19 symptoms including fever or signs/symptoms of lower respiratory illness (e.g. cough or shortness of breath) or who test positive should contact the Health Center at 828-771-2053 (please leave a message if no one answers). Employees who believe they may have COVID-19 or test positive should contact Human Resources to understand your leave options.
Paul Perrine and the Student Life COVID-19 Task Force
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