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Updated Fall Opening FAQs


We are continuing to make plans for welcoming students to campus in August and for offering our educational program with access for all. We shared our initial guidelines in our “Owl in This Together” protocol document affirming our plan to open in August and remain open throughout the fall semester. We followed that with an FAQ document that addressed some deeper level of detail that included a form to request online-only enrollment due to COVID-related issues. We held informational webinars for new students and returning students and their families this week. We also continue to stay in close communication with our local and regional health authorities and partners including the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) in determining our reopening plans. 


As you are all aware, this is a rapidly changing and evolving situation. In order to keep you all apprised of our most recent planning, we will be sending FAQ updates out each week. Today’s updated FAQ document includes revised information on previous questions, as well as new questions that were submitted online or were asked in the Q&A during our webinars. New information appears in magenta.


This week’s FAQ includes a link to a list of classes that will be offered completely online.  This list is being regularly updated as faculty complete course preparation, so please be aware that there may be a few additional courses added to this list over the next week but, in general, it represents the bulk of our online only course offerings for the fall. Given that this information is now available, we have extended the deadline for submitting the request for online-only fall enrollment to Wednesday, July 22. Please see the FAQs for the link to that form and more information to review as students consider that option. If this results in a delay in meeting the deadline to submit payment, please contact student accounts to talk with them about your plans.


The FAQ document will be available on MyWWC, and we will continue to add updates and new information each week and notify you by email as it is available. As plans evolve, there may be discrepancies in information with previous documents. The most up-to-date information will always be included on the FAQs, and you should defer to that as your primary source for current information. If you have additional questions, please direct them to the appropriate office or submit them here so that we can include them in our next updates.


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