Having a North Carolina state ID can be very helpful for international students. These small picture ID cards can often be used as a form of official identification, so you can leave your passport in a safe and secure place rather than carrying it with you. A North Carolina driver’s license is not only an ID card, but also gives you permission to operate a motor vehicle throughout the entire U.S.

To apply for a State ID, you will need to bring the following documents to a DMV:

  • One document verifying age and identity - could be a Birth Certificate, Passport, or a US Government document.
  • A Social Security card or one document proving you have a Social Security number.
  • One document verifying physical address in the U.S., like a piece of official mail (two for a NC REAL ID)
  • One document issued by the U.S. government indicating legal presence, including your passport or visa.

To apply for a Driver's License, you will need to complete required knowledge, road sign recognition, vision and driving tests, as well as provide the following documents:

  • One document (with full name) proving identity and date of birth
  • A Social Security card or one document proving they have a Social Security number
  • One document verifying physical address in North Carolina (two are required if getting an NC REAL ID)
  • For individuals not born in the U.S., one document (with full name) proving legal presence/lawful status
  • One document proving liability insurance coverage from a provider licensed to do business in North Carolina