Natural Science Undergraduate Research Sequence (NSURS)

All presentations take place in Jensen 315 at 4:00 pm EST (unless otherwise noted).


January 30, 2023

Ciara McOmber: Diversity of the Morse-Witherspoon microbiome


February 6, 2023

Bailey Spencer: The influence of land management on ground-dwelling spiders


Ava Clifford: Christmas Tree Hill management plan


February 20, 2023

Ker Ler Moo: Development of a pollen library for spring flowerings


Isabella Storniolo: Effects of light environments on red spruce (Picea rubens) seedling recruitment in the Southern Appalachian Mountains


February 27, 2023

Catherine Causby: The presence of Aekokthonos hydrillicola in Lake James, North Carolina


Carrigan Causby: Redlining, air quality, and asthma in Asheville


Jack Walker: Berea has more salamanders than Jones Mountain, informing conservation efforts


March 27, 2023

Caleb Counter: Interactions between American pikas and yellow bellied marmots


Ethan Sieben: A collection and analysis of forest compositional data before a controlled burn


April 3, 2023

Anna Vertefeuille: Color variation in white tailed shiners (Cyprinella galacture)


Gus Lehrman: TBA

April 10, 2023

Jayden Roberts: GIS riparian analysis of the Catawba River


Clara Horn: Indigo vat microbiome: do our microbes reduce indigo?


April 17, 2023

James Garland: Warren Wilson's continuous forest inventory analysis-Daisy Hill examination


Rosa Koehnlein: The effects of brewer’s spent yeast as a feed supplement on pork color and taste


May 1, 2023 Capstone Carnival (Time and Location TBA)

Aurora Wynne: TBA

May 2, 2023 Capstone Carnival (Time and Location TBA)

Paddington Mbumbgwa: Needle in haystack: a hunt for antibiotic producing Rhizobacteria In Western North Carolina