Students at Warren Wilson can take advantage of the many summer study away experiences available through external providers and/or other colleges and universities. Some of these may be in the form of internships. You can make an appointment with our office to learn more and research your possible opportunities. We have resources to help you find the right program to make the most out of your summer. There are also several sites that focus on helping students find a summer program such as and

  • Program Providers (affiliated and non-affiliated)

Such as SIT (School for International Training), CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange), CISabroad, etc. These range in program pricing, course offerings, and locations.

  • Other Colleges and Universities

Students can participate in summer opportunities offered through other accredited colleges and universities both in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Internships and Community Engagement

Summer study away can be in the form of an internship or community engagement whether it is with Warren Wilson, through a program provider, or with another college or university. The internship option requires registering for one of the internship courses CD185, CD186, or CD187 during one of the summer terms to receive the internship credit at Warren Wilson in addition to any unique program application.




All costs associated with summer study away is the burden of the student. The one-time subsidy that is normally available to most students that supports a study away experience during a fall or spring semester cannot be applied to a summer program.

Federally awarded financial aid cannot be applied to summer terms (for more information on this, please contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or 828-771-2082).


As with other semester study away programs, all credit earning summer study away experiences should be vetted and approved by the Registrar with the assistance of the Global Engagement office in the semester prior to expected participation to make sure that courses can be transferred back to Warren Wilson.


There are external scholarships available for international summer programs. For a full list please see our financial resources page here.