Admission Deposit

Paying Student Accounts

Students: please login to myWWC & Pay Tuition Here.  

Parents or Family Members: please login at the top right. Select the My Student tab, click on your student's name and then select the Student Account Information link. Please note that parents / family members can only access student records after their student has granted them permission via the 'Parent / Family Access' form.
---Please note that charges that are added to your account after the start of the semester should be paid as added.  These could include course fees for subsequent registration (after that term's add/drop period), over hours fees, private room fees, Student Life fees, parking violations, etc.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

Student Accounts
Phone: 828-771-2062
Fax: 828-771-3801
[email protected]

If you have any questions about financial aid, scholarships, or student loans, please contact Financial Aid:

Financial Aid Office
Phone: 828-771-2082
Fax: 828-771-2030
[email protected]

Master's Programs

MFA and MA graduate students can view their program-specific charges and payment terms at the Master's Programs Account Resources page

Swannanoa Gathering

To pay an invoice for Swannanoa Gathering registration, please have your registration information handy and use the Swannanoa Gathering payment form.  If you have any questions, contact the Swannanoa Gathering office:

Swannanoa Gathering
Phone: 828-298-3434
Email: [email protected]

For Conference / Event Guests & Hosts

If you are seeking to make a payment, contact Conference Services at:

Conference Services
Phone: 828-771-2012
Email: [email protected]

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