Anna Welton

Associate Dean of Community & Global Engagement

Anna comes to Warren Wilson with over a decade of experience running international programs both stateside and on the front lines of program delivery in Japan, Peru, and Argentina. She holds an MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management from The School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont and a BA in International Studies from Kenyon College.

She is passionate about bringing a critical eye to the fields of study abroad and community engagement and is continually striving to shape programs that are accessible to a diverse range of students and yield increased social consciousness as a learning outcome. 


Rachel Kerr

Associate Director of Global Engagement

Rachel returns to Warren Wilson after graduating with a degree in Political Science and Spanish. During her hiatus from campus, Rachel volunteered in Spain and Italy which prompted her passion in international education and study abroad. She has an MA in International Education at The School for International Training (SIT). 

As an alumna, Rachel is excited to work with students to find the perfect study away program for each individual and to continue to make Warren Wilson an internationally diverse campus. She believes that study away must be accessible to every interested student.


Nan Jordan 

Global Engagement Fellow

Nan (she/her) joins the Global Engagement crew this year after taking a break from her prior career in student mental health and school social work. 

She is excited about this new pivot into higher education, especially her work’s focus on international education and exploration!

Nan has lived abroad for extended periods of time in multiple countries and enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures and languages. 

In her free time, Nan enjoys spending time outside, doing yoga, drinking coffee, and singing.



Stella Banowetz

Global Engagement Office Crew Leader

Stella (they/she) is a fourth-year student from Bayfield, Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Superior. They are majoring in Sociology/Anthropology and minoring in Global Studies. 

Her first time abroad was in Belize when they were 12 years old. Since then she has backpacked around North America and studied climate change in France. Her most recent trip was to study abroad in Milan, Italy, where she got to travel Europe and connect with people from all over the world. She is excited to bring new incites to the office and lean into her role as Global Engagement Crew Leader.

In her spare time, she loves writing, art, playing roller derby, dancing, and going on adventures. Stella believes that building coalitions and relationships across cultures is powerful and that is how we are going to achieve long-lasting global change.



Vika Griffis

Global Engagement Crew Member

Vika (they/them) is a second year student from Asheville, NC. They are currently working to find a major that resonates with them the most. 

Their first time out of the U.S was to visit their family in Belarus when they were four. They have been traveling all across the world, visiting 12 countries so far. 

Vika loves anything to do with traveling, especially if that means they get to be outside. They also think it’s super important to learn and experience different cultures. Vika is passionate about making new connections with people all over and learning from them.



Eva Huffaker

Global Engagement Crew Member

Eva (she/they) is a junior from Baraboo, Wisconsin. They are majoring in anthropology and minoring in business. 

Her first time out of the country was a trip to Israel after her Bat Mitzvah when she was 13. They fell in love with seeing how different cultures navigate the world. When she was 18, Eva traveled to six different European countries with her best friend. Last summer they went to London for a six week long internship by themself. 

She is passionate about traveling as well as learning about other people and other cultures. This is their first semester on the GEO crew and they are very excited to see where the year takes them!



Carolina Rodrigues Braga

Global Engagement Crew Member

Carolina is from Madeira, Portugal and grew up in England. She is majoring in History and Political Science. 

Carolina loves to travel and has visited many countries especially within Europe including France, Belgium, Scotland, Italy and Spain and her time in the United States is her first time outside of Europe! She believes it is important to meet people from other countries and to actively learn and understand different cultures.

She likes to spend her free time painting, spending time with friends, playing board games and traveling. 



Hannah Poe 

Global Engagement Crew Member

Hannah (she/her) is a Senior at WWC. Though she now lives in Swannanoa, she has spent most of her life in the Lowcountry of South Carolina going to the beach and spending time with friends and family.

She has a passion for learning about other cultures and connecting with folks from around the world. Hannah believes interconnectivity is an important part of the learning process and loves supporting the GEO crew’s mission of providing accessible study-away opportunities for students.

Hannah loves karaoke, Minecraft, and especially lounging around on the weekend. Her dream is to continue to travel the world and meet new people. Say hello when you see her, she always welcomes a good, heartfelt conversation.



James Grajales 

Global Engagement Crew 

James (He/Him) from McLean Virginia is a returning student to Warren Wilson after a year off. In that time he worked as an assistant teacher for preschool age children. Now he’s returning to continue his education to major in English with a focus on creative writing.

In 2012 James visited Seoul Korea and later lived there for 11 months in 2014 to 2015. This exposure to life in Asia has made him 

want to become an English teacher in that part of the world after Warren Wilson.

It’s this passion also that made him want to join the Global Engagement crew. James has been a co teacher for the ELL class for 4 consecutive semesters. 

James also has a love for cooking with new recipes. So don’t hesitate to share any with him.



Jules Swenson 

Global Engagement Crew 

Jules from Memphis, Tennessee is a junior Sociology and Anthropology student at WWC. She joined the GEO Crew in Spring 2024 after studying away in Graz, Austria during the fall semester. 

Jules’ 4 months in Graz was her first time abroad. Here she discovered her interest in the German language, intercultural connection, and travel. It was her experience as an international student here that led her to join the GEO crew.

In her free time, Jules loves to do arts and crafts, go on long walks, and swim in the river. Jules hopes to go abroad again soon and especially hopes to return to Austria.

To contact the Global Engagement Office, please email us at [email protected] or fill out this form to schedule a time to meet. To reach us by phone call 828-771-3057.