Financial Aid Portal

The Financial Aid Portal provides Warren Wilson College students with a secure means of viewing and accepting their financial aid online. 

To set up your Financial Aid Portal account as a first-time user:

  • On the Financial Aid Portal, on the right-hand side in the login section, click on “First Time User
  • Enter your Social Security Number on the following page, and press enter
  • Create your personal security questions and create your password
    • Please remember your password and your security questions.
      • Your password will expire after 90 days.
      • Your password must be at least 9 characters long and contain an upper and lower case, at least one number, and one of these special characters !@#$%^&* 
      • You will be locked out of your account after 3 failed attempts to sign in.  If this happens please text or email our office for assistance.

Log-in using your Social Security Number and password at the Financial Aid Portal home screen in order to:

  • Access your financial aid according to the academic year via the drop-down menu at the top of the screen
  • View your current financial aid and accept/decline each offer listed on the Financial Aid Offer section
  • View a list of documents we have received from you as well as documents still outstanding on the Pending Requirements section
  • Access and print outstanding documents still required from you on the Pending Requirements section
  • Check the current status of your student loans on the Loan Information section
  • The Loan History tab directs you to the Student Aid website, where students can access any federal loans associated with their social security number by logging into their account using their FSA ID. 
  • If you have forgotten your password, please click on "forgot my password" to reset

To access the Financial Aid Portal, click here.


This online service e-sign Disclosure and Consent applies to all communications and transactions contained on this Site, to all documents generated by this Site, and to all email or other communications to and from the College regarding your application, enrollment or financial aid. The term "communication", used in this Disclosure and Consent, means any information, notice (including financial aid notifications), authorization, disclosure, acknowledgment, question or other information sent to or received from you about your application, enrollment or financial aid at the College. You agree that any such communications, whether electronically or printed, will be considered "in writing", and each shall have the same binding legal significance. Any communications provided to you electronically will remain accessible to you via the student portal for as long as you're a student at Warren Wilson College.

 Warren Wilson College makes every effort to provide accurate, current information. The college also reserves the right to change, without notice, any financial aid award due to federal, state, or college changes in policies, procedures, or regulations.