1. How do I apply for need-based aid? File the FAFSA anytime after October 1st of the previous year you are to enroll and you will use prior prior year’s federal tax return information. File the FAFSA at
  2. Is there a deadline for filing the FAFSA? There is not a priority handling deadline for new undergraduate students, but we highly encourage filing once the FAFSA is available.  The WWC returning student priority deadline to file the FAFSA is April 15th of each year.  This will ensure returning students receive their financial aid before summer break. 
  3. What is WWC’s school code? 002979
  4. I don’t think that I’m eligible for financial aid, should I still fill out a FAFSA? Yes! Even if you are not eligible for need-based aid, you will still be eligible for a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and a Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Parents.
  5. How do I apply for merit scholarships? (new undergraduate students only)  Contact the Admission Office for more information about WWC scholarships.  These are awarded at the time of admission and are promised for four years as long as you are making Satisfactory Academic Progress toward graduation.
  6. My FAFSA has been selected for verification. Why was my information selected for verification? What do I do? A FAFSA is randomly selected for verification by the Federal Processor. We will let you know what information we will need from you.
  7. Can my Financial Aid Offer be faxed or emailed to me? For incoming students, we send the Financial Aid Offer through the mail.  Current students will receive an e-mail to check their Financial Aid Portal for their award information when it is ready.
  8. How do I apply for the Federal Direct loan? 1. Accept student loans on the Accept Awards tab of the Financial Aid Portal. 2. Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) with the Federal Department of Education at 3. Complete Entrance Counseling at
  9. What is a Master Promissory Note (MPN)? The MPN is your agreement with the Federal Department of Education to borrow and repay Federal loan funds. It is a "promise" to repay the amount borrowed. You can apply online with the Federal Department of Education using your FSA ID as your electronic signature.
  10. What is the difference between Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans? The Federal government pays the interest on the Direct Subsidized loan while the student is enrolled.  The Unsubsidized loan accrues interest while the student is enrolled.  Both loans are deferrable for a six-month grace period following graduation or withdrawal.
  11. Why hasn't my aid been credited to my student account?  Your file is not complete. You can look at the "Pending Requirements" tab on your Financial Aid Portal or contact our office at 828-771-2082 to find out what forms you still need to submit to complete your financial aid file.
  12. I’ve received a scholarship from an outside source! Do you need a copy of the award letter? Yes--please forward a copy to the Financial Aid office as soon as possible. The actual check for your outside scholarship should be sent to the WWC Financial Aid Office. Congratulations!
  13. Does WWC match Americorps awards? No, we are unable to match Americorps.
  14. I’m expecting a financial aid refund. Can I use this money to buy my books? If you are due a refund, it will not be made available to you in time! Contact the Student Accounts Office at 828-771-2062 about a bookstore voucher.
  15. I am leaving Warren Wilson College for the upcoming semester. How does this affect my financial aid? By exiting or withdrawing the institution through the Registrar's Office, you will remain eligible for honor/merit scholarship renewal pending a successful scholarship appeal through the Financial Aid Office. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you are planning to return to WWC. You will also need to reapply for financial aid by filing the FAFSA for the academic year applicable to the semester of your return. * If you have borrowed any educational loans (Federal Direct, Federal Stafford, or private loans) while enrolled when you begin an internal WWC exit or withdrawal your six-month repayment deferral (grace) period will begin!
  16. I have fewer dollars in savings than I did when I filed the FAFSA. May I update my assets? No, the reported assets provide a "snapshot" of your financial situation on the day that you filed the FAFSA.
  17. When do I have to begin repayment of my student loans? You have a 6-month deferral (grace) period following graduation or withdrawal. If you fall below half-time enrollment, your grace period will begin.
  18. How do I request an official tax transcript from the IRS?  Click here to find out how to request an official tax transcript.
  19. I am withdrawing from Warren Wilson College this semester. How does this affect my financial aid?  By taking an official withdrawal from the college, our office must perform what is called a return of Title IV funds based on your withdrawal date.  This means if you have not completed 60% or over of the semester in which you withdraw, you will owe a balance because we will have to return portions of your aid for your uncompleted semester.  Also, if you withdraw this will affect your financial aid eligibility in regards to the Satisfactory Academic Program and Merit Scholarship Renewal, as these policies hinge on your academic and enrollment information such as; GPA (cumulative and semester), hours completed (cumulative and semester).  If you have further questions about your specific financial aid, you are encouraged to come by our office or call our office for more detailed information.
  20. My Warren Wilson Grant was replaced with another scholarship, why?  This is called a Reallocation of Your Warren Wilson College Grant
    During the academic year, Warren Wilson College uses endowed scholarship funds to replace Warren Wilson College Grants for eligible students. This process is called reallocation. Endowed funds are awarded as part of the student’s financial need and are reallocated from their Warren Wilson College Grant Funds.  These awards are not additional funds to the student’s existing financial aid unless otherwise specified by the donor.  WWC also reserves the right to fund our NC Free Tuition Plan, and the Mile Post One Scholarship with reallocated endowed funds.  Donors can designate funds to be used for specific criteria to assist students in covering the educational costs of Tuition. 
  21. If you have further questions about your specific financial aid, you are encouraged to come by our office or call our office for more detailed information.