2023-2024 Warren Wilson College

Cost Breakdown


  Semester Year
Tuition: $19,650 $39,300
Housing and Food: $6,305 $12,610
Fees: $495 $990
Total Estimated  Costs: $26,450  $52,900


Listed below are the indirect cost a student is allowed within the Cost of Attendance

Books and Supplies $850
Transportation $1,600
Miscellaneous $1,000
Total Estimated Indirect Costs: $3,450


Click Here for a detailed list of charges for 2023-2024

You can apply your credit balance to purchases at the online bookstore at eFollett.com. Simply fill out the Bookstore Voucher Form indicating how much you want to purchase.

Please allow 2-3 days for your voucher to be set up. The Office of Students Accounts will send you the eFollett.com login information with instructions on how you use your voucher.   

The Office of Student Accounts handles all information regarding book vouchers. If you have questions please email [email protected]

  • Students cannot use vouchers at the campus bookstore.

Here at WWC we understand circumstances arise where students are unable to purchase books at an out-of-pocket cost.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties in obtaining your books, please come speak to the Financial Aid Office.  Please note there are limited resources to assist students and those options are on a first come first serve basis.  

If your anticipated financial aid results in a credit balance on your account, please be advised that you will not be able to get a refund of those funds until we have actually received them. This includes credits from student loans. 

For more detailed information regarding refunds please visit the Student Accounts Refund Checks webpage. 

Financial aid for the Fall and Spring Semesters is typically disbursed weeks 3-6 of classes. WWC Work Grants are disbursed as work contract hours and are earned on a monthly basis. A refund will not be available until all of the funds have been disbursed.

If you have a monthly payment plan, a refund will not be made available until your payment plan is paid in full.

If a third party (such as 529 college savings plan) issued a payment to your student account, it is the student's responsibility to determine if a credit balance should be returned to the third party. There may be tax consequences and deadlines applicable to such issues. 


If you have questions about refunds or your student account please email [email protected] or call 828-771-2062.